Indigo Plugin for Haiku Fans with SenseME v 0.1

The Indigo Plugin for Haiku Fans with SenseME provides the ability to remotely control fans from Big Ass Solutions from within Indigo software. Currently the plugin is limited to support the following functionality:

  • Turn the fan on/off and adjust the fan speed
  • Turn the optional light, if installed, on/off and adjust its brightness
  • Turn the fan motion sensor on/off
  • Turn the light motion sensor on/off
  • Trigger actions based on changes to any of the above states

Disclaimer: The API for SenseME is not published by Big Ass Solutions, and this plugin is in no way supported by them.  This plugin was written by analyzing the network traffic between the SenseME iPhone app and a Haiku fan with SenseME. There is no guarantee that this plugin will continue to work if Big Ass Solutions releases new firmware/software for the fan.

To use this plug-in simply download this ZIP file and uncompress it, then double-click on the SenseME.indigoPlugin file to install it in Indigo.  Once installed, simply create a new Indigo “SenseME Fan” device.  In the device settings, enter the name of the fan and its IP address, both of which can be found in the SenseME smartphone app.

Once the SenseME Fan device is created simply create actions or triggers as you would for any other Indigo device.

If you are interested in learning more about the SenseME API for communicating with the fan then see this post. The source code for the plugin is also hosted on github.


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