DMX-512 Resources

General DMX-512 resources

Doug Fleenor’s DMX-512 Primer
Doug Fleenor’s DMX-512 Basics (wiring information)
DMX-512 mini FAQ
About DMX-512
WikiPedia entry on DMX-512

Lighting related publications

Pro Lights and Staging News (free subscription)
Lighting Dimensions
Professional Lighting and Production (Canadian)

Product and Manufacturer links

Rosco and their I-Cue mirror
Wybron and their Forerunner scrollers
City Theatrical
Chauvet Lighting
High End Systems
Elation Lighting
GAM (Great American Market)
American DJ – buys and sells all types of lighting equipment

Other useful DMX related web pages

Port Lighting Systems (rents lights in Amesbury, MA)
Advanced Lighting & Production Services (rents lights in Randolph, MA)
BN Productions (rents lights in Woburn, MA)
Build Your Own DMX Terminator/Tester

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